IP Login is the default IP address used to connect the Internet to the router and control your Internet connection. is a default IP address that is booked for the modem or wireless routers to identify themself on the private network. This IP address is used as the default address for various router brands. Home uses or small business routers are used at IP addresses. This IP address is a C class IP address, it is 24 bits and this type of IP address starts to This is a 4 generation IP address. If you enter in your browser’s address bar to access your router’s admin interface. The main reason to use the IP to connect to the internet, change password, to see the time period of your internet pack, etc.

What is IP?

At the moment every human being has an address through which he can be traced, similarly, every machine in the internet world has an address by which we can recognize him. This address is called an IP Address. Every machine has a unique IP Address Through which he is connected to the unique network. is a private IP Address that is used for routers. Two types of IP versions are mostly used at this time, Which are IPV4 and IPV6. is IPV4( version 4 IP)  type IP address. The full form is a Unique identifier address. IPV4 uses 32 binary bits to create a single IP address. IPV$ is expressed by four numbers separated by dots. IP login Steps

If is your default router IP then you can easily log in to your router’s admin panel. Login is very easy but if there is any problem then you can follow my steps.

Step1: At first, open the web browser that you use to access the internet.

Step 2: In the web browser URL bar, type http:// and press Enter. ip

Step 3: A login page will appear asking you to login using the username and password. Enter your default username and password. If you don’t know the username and password check the router box or router backside. IP login Steps

After entering the username and password you will be now inside the admin panel of your router.  

 How to change Username and Password?

If you logged in your router admin panel the first task is change the default username and password. If not change the default username and password anyone can easily access your admin panel and hijack your system. So change the username and password.

If you don’t know how to change your username and password then you can follow my steps.

Step 1: At first log in with the default username and password (mostly username and password are ‘admin’).

Step 2: Go to the setting area.

Step 3: Select Wireless network change username and password option or similar option.

Step 4: Enter the new password box you type you secure password.

Finally, save the setting.  

how to change password

How to Reset the Router?

By chance, if you have lost or forgotten your username and password you will need to reset your router to get back to the previous default settings. If you don’t know how can  reset the router then you can follow my steps

.in order to reset the router simply press the reset button which is situated in the backside of your router. Pressing the reset button 10-15 second when the router lights start blinking it means the reset process is completed.

router reset button

Unable to access

In case, unable to access ip and shows an error message even after entering the correct username and password, the router might not have connected to the internet. In such cases, you should try to fix the problem in the following steps.

Step 1:
Make sure you properly connect the router to the ethernet cable.

Step 2:
Reboot the router. Try unplugging the router and modem the replug again wait some moment and check again.

Step 3:
Retry after disabling the firewall, if it is turn on.

Step 4: If these steps do not solve the problem, try the factory reset the router by pressing the reset button on the router.

What is Right IP 192.168.l.254 Or

Many People Don’t Know what is right IP 192.168.l254 or they type wrong IP and face technical error. So dear friends The right IP Address is, Not 192.168.l.254.

List of Router Brand Using

Each router brand uses a unique IP address to connect to the Internet service provider router. Many routers used IP addresses to connect to the internet service provider network. Below the router brand list which they are used this IP address.

  • 2 Wire
  • Abo Com
  • Actiontec
  • Air Live
  • Allied
  • Allied Telesis
  • Arris
  • Bec Technologies
  • Billion
  • Billionton
  • Blitzz
  • Bluetake
  • Bt
  • Cc&C
  • Cerio
  • Cisco
  • D Link
  • Edup
  • E Top
  • Fiberlogic
  • Fujitsu Siemens
  • Gigabyte
  • Giga Fast
  • Hawking\
  • Intellinet
  • Loopcomm
  • Motorola
  • Msi
  • Netgear
  • Netopia
  • Netronix
  • Nokia
  • Ovis Link
  • Pace
  • Pix Link
  • Pro Link
  • Proware
  • Qpcom
  • Quick Engle Networks
  • Realtek
  • Rosewill
  • Runtop
  • Sagemcom
  • Senao
  • Siotecom
  • Soyo
  • technicolor
  • Tecom
  • Thomson
  • Twin Mos
  • Vi Kosmo
  • Westel
  • X Micro
  • Xterasys
  • Jiofi.local.html


1. First, make sure that you are typing the correct IP address because sometimes we type incorrectly. Our correct IP is
2. Clear your browsing data and cookies or use another browser.
3. Restart your router and wait for a few seconds and trying again.
4.Check the router LAN port is correctly plugged in with a broadband cable3
If this step not working check your IP address on the router manual guide.

At first Login your router.

1. Go to the home page of the router settings. Check the connection type> Default setting is Dynamic IP> Make sure that the default setting is working.

2. Go to network and update >WAN Connection Type to PPPoE and detect the connection.
Enter your login details in PPPoE Connection.

3. Keep Connection Mode to Connect Automatically.

4. Connect and Save.

5. Reboot router from System tools.

Go to the broadband login page and it should show that login has been done automatically.

For security reasons, it is not recommended to have a customized router address.

1.TP-Link: login your router interface>Advance>network>Lan>Change as preferred IP address> save changes

2.D-Link: Access your admin panel > Setup Tab > Network Settings > Router Settings > Router IP Address > Save Settings.

3. NetGear: Login to NetGear Genie > Advanced > Setup > LAN Setup > LAN TCP/IP Setup > IP Address > Apply Changes.

Once you apply changes, restart your router to save applied changes.